What our Clients are saying…

I am happy to say that Patrick did a great job with my mother’s case. My mother is not bilingual so I was the interpreter for her. Patrick did a great job explaining detail by detail of the process and progress of our case! He made sure to contact me regardless if my mother had been contacted by his secretaries that spoke Spanish, just to make sure that she understood the whole progress and what was required of her. We can’t thank him enough for being as prompt and Assertive as he was with our case! I don’t think we would have obtained the great results Patrick managed to get us had we chose another lawyer! We definitely would recommend him to anyone we come across that may need a lawyer! Thank you Patrick!

– Elsa F.

I couldn’t have found a better attorney for my workers’ compensation case, Than attorney Patrick Serowka…
In 2011 while working I suffered an injury in my left leg. In the 4 years that my case was active, Attorney Patrick made my rights as an employee be herd. At all time, He took the necessary steps so that I could obtain the appropriate treatments for my injury. And, despite how worrying and stressful a situation like this can be. Attorney Patrick always had time for me, was always honest, and always found a solution.
The final outcome of my case was great! with a settlement that I didn’t event expect. I’m glad to have met an Attorney who truly has his clients best interest. Thank you for all your time and help!

– Victor V.

Patrick was always available to personally answer my questions about my case and medical treatment. He would keep me informed on the progress of my case, what to expect next and I felt comfortable with the process.

But it wasn’t just about the case, he took the time to be there with me during a difficult time and it made all the difference. I injured my right shoulder and had two surgeries. He fought for my rights, I never went without a weekly check for over 3 years. Patrick negotiated a very high recovery (I earned $600.00 per week before the injury) and he secured a settlement of $146,000.00 plus an extra sum for any future medical care. I would recommend him to a family member with my eyes closed.

– Angela Z.

I hired Patrick for an injury I sustained at work. He was always very prompt in emailing or calling me, Both with information he needed from me and with information he needed to give me. I felt like I could contact him anytime with questions and he was very willing to answer thoroughly. I never had to do anything like this before and he did explain the process and steps I needed to take.

– Mark F.