What Makes Me Different

Yes, I’ve tried many cases at the Commission, Circuit and Appellate Courts.  Yes, I’ve recovered over 35 million dollars on behalf of injured workers. Blah, Blah & Blah.  

I am not on TV.

But, when you hire a big firm or a firm you see advertised on TV it is unlikely your case will be personally handled by the attorney on the commercial.  The guy who built the firm, the one on TV will not be handling your case. He’s busy tanning and buying real estate.

Your case will likely be shuffled off to an associate one who may not have the experience or skills to effectively handle your case.

Further, you won’t be able to get ahold of your attorney on the phone.  

Is that the type of attorney you need when you’re injured and unable to work?   

What Makes Me Different is that when you hire me, I am your attorney.

That’s right, the same chubby guy on the website.   

If you have a question you can get ahold of me. My accessibility makes me better able to understand your needs and know what is going on in your case.  

This enables me to better protect your rights and get you the most money for your injuries.